Sweets an'Tiques Coffee Shop

Once Upon a Time There Were Three Sisters...

So our story of Sweets an'Tiques begins. Growing up in the country miles from town gave us the opportunity to bond as sisters and to put our imaginations to work creating long summer days full of adventure. We believed that nothing could possibly be more fun.

This was the simple life from years gone by, where cousins were our best friends and neighbors our extended family. So it is that now when the cousins get together much of our time is spent reminiscing. We remember helping Grandma Kaiser butcher and pluck chickens. Then we made noodles for the soup. And everyone remembers when Grandpa Pritzel loaded all us grandkids on the hay wagon for a trip to the edge of the pasture down by the creek to dig sassafras roots. The smell of simmering sassafras still evokes heartwarming memories of carefree and happy days spent on his farm.

These happy memories of childhood have implanted in us the desire to share the simple joys of life with others. Mom's candy recipes and the little German figurines like those on Grandma's buffet are just a few of the treasures we have to share. But mostly our desire is to share the love of God that has woven us  together as a family. Over the years we have dreamed, imagined, and planned for the day when we could open a little shop to do just that.  That day has now arrived. We are playing "store" together again, and we believe that nothing could possibly be more fun!

We invite you along with our family and friends to stop by our store. Share your memories with us as you take in the smell of chocolate and fresh coffee, and discover a treasure that might have been found in your Grandmother's home. God has blessed our lives in ways too numerous to count. Through this adventure we are looking forward to whatever He has in store for us!

Roxy, Wanda, and Sam